eBay is the mostly widely used auction site online, and one of the most visited sites on the entire internet. You may notice when you search for your favorite products, people are selling them for SO CHEAP. You think to yourself, “How do they even make a profit?” I will tell you how. They have utilized wholesale suppliers to sell the goods for WAY under the retail value. There is an almost secret place on the internet that has a HUGE database of tens of thousands of wholesalers, liquidators, drop shippers, and manufactures.

You can even have the companies ship the products straight to your customers without you even physically seeing or touching them! It’s a great service and anyone who wants to make a good profit on eBay needs this site. It eliminates all the scammers online because every company listed on the site is confirmed to be legit. They are prescreened to make sure they actually go through with their transactions, so everything on that site is 100% safe. It comes with research tools, great support and even more. It is truly an amazing site. Literally any type of product is available on this site.

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You can also look and see what products or in demand on eBay. I bought this program and it does wonders. It’s called Auction Inspector. It searches eBay’s wanted now section for whatever you want. It shows you what items are in high demand that have little supply. For example I searched tennis racquets. There is a large amount of people asking for them, but not a lot of people selling them. You can even search eBay UK, Australia, or Canada to see what is profitable in other parts of the world. Excellent program, I would highly recommend it if you want to become a power seller.

Once you get the minimum of 10 feedback score on eBay, it is best to start an eBay store for as low as $19.95 a month. It cuts down your fees and you can keep items on for as long as you want.

Another way to make money off eBay eBay has an affiliate marketing program that tons of people capitalize on since they are one of the most profitable sites on the internet. The affiliate program enables you to promote eBay listed products in exchange for a healthy share of eBay’s revenue for each sale that you refer. Now to be able to advertise the products you should first selected the type of product you want to promote so you can center in on one niche. The best way to advertise is to create your own website (which is describe how in method #2), and link ending auctions to you site so people can access them from your site. You will need a good back ground in web design if you are starting from scratch. If you don’t which is likely, you can use this INCREDIBLE program which makes the site for you. It literally sets up everything for you and you are ready to make money in a matter of moments. More information is available here. It is an excellent program and I recommend it to anyone who wants to use eBay’s affiliate program to make money online.