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How to Add your Website to Google

Is your website on Google? As a website owner, you may decide that you wish to feature your site on the Google Search Engine. It will not appear on Google unless it has been indexed by Googlebot, the search engine robot. Did you know, it's completely free?

You can think of a search engine as a directory millions of websites, or more importantly, hundreds of millions of individual web pages.

Search engine databases are created by internet robots called spiders. When your website is visited by a robot, it becomes indexed. Various terms are used to describe this process, but it means that your site has been:

  • Indexed
  • Crawled
  • Spidered
  • Listed
Submit Your Website to Google

It is not necessary to submit every individual web page on your website. Just submit the home page and Googlebot will take care of the other web pages.

You can submit your website to the Google Search Engine free of charge using the link below:

Add your Website to Google

Google does not add all submitted websites to the search engine index, nor does it make any predictions or guarantees about when or if they will appear.

In our experience, the indexing procedure happens within days or weeks, rather than months.

Submit your Site to Yahoo - this is also a completely free service, but you do need to have a Yahoo! account.

Submit your URL to MSN - also known as Live Search, this is completely free.

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eBay is the mostly widely used auction site online, and one of the most visited sites on the entire internet. You may notice when you search for your favorite products, people are selling them for SO CHEAP. You think to yourself, “How do they even make a profit?” I will tell you how. They have utilized wholesale suppliers to sell the goods for WAY under the retail value. There is an almost secret place on the internet that has a HUGE database of tens of thousands of wholesalers, liquidators, drop shippers, and manufactures.

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Once you get the minimum of 10 feedback score on eBay, it is best to start an eBay store for as low as $19.95 a month. It cuts down your fees and you can keep items on for as long as you want.

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